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Grandeur Coffee Face Wash With Coffee, Cucumber & Avocado For Deep Cleansing & Oil Control ( 100 ML )

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  • Deep Cleansing: The Face wash delivers far more than just gentle cleansing. Cleanse Deep Impurities from your skin and improve its texture. Enrich with natural ingredients, this face wash gently dissolves away layers of dead skin cells and grime.
  • Glowing Skin: Get glowing and hydrated skin with Grandeur Coffee Face Wash. Experience skin lightening with the concoction of ingredients that come right from nature!
  • Exfoliating Care: Countless vehicles in traffic, areas under construction, industrial exhausts are making your skin dull & rough. Use our Coffee Face Wash that gently exfoliates deal skin cells and dirt and makes your skin smooth & radiant.
  • Purifies Skin & Prevents Acne: Grandeur Coffee Face wash is enriched with all-natural ingredients with the goodness of Vitamin E which helps in purifying your skin by pulling out all-day dirt & impurities resulting in reducing acne.
  • Maintains PH Balance: The pH balance of our skin often gets disturbed due to our lifestyles and other reasons. This face wash helps in restoring the pH to normal giving the skin back to its health.