About Us

Grandeur is a leading company and currently owns the market. It provides grooming products for males and females such as shampoo, hair oil, scrub, and cream, etc. It is Established in April 2018 By woman entrepreneur "Archana Midha " Later in 2019, Amit Midha joined and together both took this to new heights. In a list of the 10 most trusted brand annual surveys, Grandeur has received the top place. Customers love the product and are given positive reviews. Each product is made from fine materials and available at an affordable price compared to other brands. The quality and the quantity is the key factor and we always give preference to 100% natural and hypoallergenic ingredients. If you are suffering from hair fall or skin damage then Grandeur products will help you in giving proper growth. There are thousands of microscopic channels underneath your skin, and the Grandeur products help in activating the natural healing process and increase blood circulation to stimulate the right nutrition to the affected area and provide the proper growth.