Green Tea Facewash and Face Scrub

Green Tea Facewash and Face Scrub

Green Tea- Ancient Secret to Glow More

Green tea has a long tradition that dates more than 5000 years. It's been known for centuries to have many health benefits, including longer life and reduced occurrence of some chronic diseases.

Grandeur Green Tea face wash and scrub are safe and effective for healthy skin. You'll love the softly foaming and refreshing feel of this face wash and the mild exfoliation, and the irresistible green tea scent that makes you feel revitalized and rejuvenated. The formula is gentle and non-drying. It does not contain soap or SLS natural exfoliating cellulose beads. Green tea extracts with antioxidant properties cleanse deep impurities from your skin and improve its texture. Enrich with natural ingredients, and this face scrub gently dissolves away layers of dead skin cells and grime.

Oily skin and acne-prone require extra attention and care, but this kind of skin can be easily controlled when you discover the proper routine. One of the most essential ingredients to be looking for when you begin to build your routine to treat oily skin can be Green Tea. Oily skin needs a detox, and green tea is a rich source of antioxidants and helps in blood circulation. It assists in reducing oil and impurities and makes your skin look healthy.

Grandeur Green Tea Facewash and Scrub are a great combination of organic, natural, and chemical ingredients. It instantly brightens skin and cleanses it effectively. It removes dead skin and unblocks pores. Skin looks immaculate. It leaves the skin super soft and does not dry it out. It's like touching your face repeatedly.

You will not be disappointed with it.